Surface, Screen, & Structure

Surface, Screen & Structure focuses on the design and digital fabrication of stainless steel, panelized cladding systems. These systems will be designed for the New Inc building, a museum-led incubator and co-working space, located directly adjacent to the New Museum on the Bowery. Utilizing the simple masonry façade of the New Inc building as our canvas, this course challenges the students to develop a comprehensive cladding strategy in response to the diverse architectural fabric developing along the Bowery and the complex program within the incubator itself.

The cladding systems will be designed to perform as functional shading, ornamental expression and graphic branding, while engaging with the city at multiple scales. Students are challenged to design thoughtful solutions that spatially and functionally resolve their concepts within a strict set of intrinsic and extrinsic constraints. These constraints include but are not limited to: light transmittance, structural loading, thermal expansion, CNC machine limitations, assembly logistics, material properties and building cost analysis.

Partners: Alexis Oppenheimer, Tien Chen  

Columbia GSAPP