Subculture Sanctuary

Is Suburbia Depressing? Is it a story about a repetitious lifestyle, Where an economic model runs supreme? Where the mortgage crushes souls, suppresses any dreams, imprisoning all of America’s middle class into a gridlock of nothingness. All you do is gossip. Be “happy”, Be “perfect.”

Suburbia is so much more, when you look beyond the facade of the nothingness it implies. Suburbia, in fact, is the open playground for ingenious inventions, where subcultures emerge and young men and women’s idle times are fully applied to their imaginations. Without the suburbs we wouldn’t have these moments of invention, creativity, happiness, magic, and individuality.

The city of Barrow, Alaska transformed into a single building made of suburban elements. In the gaps of everyday suburban life, you can find true moments of invention.

Partners: Mouna Lawrence, Anushka R Shevade
Mentored by Jimenez Lai

Columbia GSAPP