Cross-Border Courtship

Cross-Border Courtship is a pair of buildings conjoined at the hips to exist as a single massing. The massing takes hold onto the Mexican side of the site, creating a method of addressing the border. Since the massing of the building holds two international institutes on a border notorious for being hostile and divisive, the massing itself needed to become “face-less”. In plan and section the building doesnt favor one side or the other. It looks in all directions to help blur the notorious border.

Each institute is divided into three volumes that is then populated with programmatic elements. Circulation within the massing takes place when the volumes conjoin together. Circulation across thhe border takes place through a landscape design that bridges the two countries but still abides immigration policy by creating exterior landscape that is only accessible to citizens of either country.

Mentored by Maxi Spina
Woodbury University